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  1. Woah the Pyra as an alternative to Android, iOS, WinPhone and others. Seems a bit interesting.
  2. Nintendo Wii U

    Amen,   May the world be warm and filled with love.   On slight update, site updated to have 15 Wii U exclusives on front page.   Also, who has Call of Duty Black Ops 2 or Mario Kart 8 and wanna play online?
  3. Nintendo Wii U

      Shovel Knight is a Wii U console HOME exclusive, eh?     Let's get over the stolen laptop and non-backed up data thing, it does not resurrect or recover the data.   Moving onward, Smash is coming and so is winter!
  4. Nintendo Wii U

    The work was not stolen intentionally, my laptop with my work was stolen.   Also, the front page shall get it's Smash bros action next week.   There is already to much hype.   Also, is this page information packed enough?
  5. Nintendo Wii U

    I do not release press releases for all of the progress made on the game directly, as we're still recovering the 4 months worth of stolen work.   BACKERS, on KickStarter are okay with our plans of action.    We plan to release on all platforms at once, so just optimizing on workload here.
  6. Nintendo Wii U

    Does my life have to be 24/7 on game engine?
  7. Nintendo Wii U

    Here is my new website that presents the Wii U in a new light. Behold,
  8. Nintendo Wii U

    I love my Wii U. So many great games and the GamePad is amazing.
  9. Nintendo Wii U

    Just got Trine 2, I love the demo. Gonna pick up CoD: Ghosts, MarioKart8, Resident Evil: Revelations and ZombiU soon.
  10. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Well, first thing first is I need to integrate a scripting language into engine.
  11. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Okay, Version 1 will not release with the OP, but in the future it may get ported with the community's help for a free export option.
  12. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Hello Pickle, I do not want any financial support from the OpenPandora/Pyra community, just help with porting process and a little coding help and there in exchange to provide free port option to developers to the OpenPandora/Pyra. IF you're still interested let me know.
  13. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    In theory all that will be needed is a recompile, but since I do not own an OpenPandora and do not seem to have the community support I do not think it is a wise choice to include this in the first release of the software.
  14. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Support for the system has been dropped. Read our KickStarter Update.
  15. Game Pencil Engine for the OpenPandora

    Thank you for the feedback.    Lately there has been alot of developments in my life which will cause a delay.    Please read the full story here.