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  1. Pale Moon

    New build on the repo.   Build 18 ----------- Update to 25.8 sources
  2. LibreOffice for Pandora

    Just for info, I have compiled (some time ago) the release of LibreOffice and got the same behavour (both Menu issue and Stability issue). I tried again by removing gtk support to use plain X11 and while the gui now behave in a better way with the Scale factor, I still have the same issue. I think the stability may be a side effect of the lto optimisation, so I will probably recompile everything without. But before, I'll try the beta of the 5.1 and hopefully the menus will work fine...   Anyway, for those who are interested, the is at the same link (it replaced the
  3. Wing Commander Saga

    Anyway, if you have the shortcut, it means you have it all because the icon and PXML are simply appended at the end of the squashfs container to make a PND. So you the end of the file correct (and thus I assume what is before too, but checksum is more safe of course, so I'll get them tonight).
  4. Wing Commander Saga

    I'll make a md5sum at least. And I'll try to get a sha1sum too tonight.
  5. Port Requests

    Or Pinta that is also a simple alternative when only needing simple editing with layer (similar to on Windows).
  6. Yeah. I just checked. All windows based. Even the MAC version from GoG is in fact the Windows version + Wine.
  7. The one on Steam is Windows based? I didn't tried yet (I have both Steam & GoG version, maybe on of them is Dosbox based?)
  8. Port Requests

    Use VDrift (ok there is no truck, so not the same things, but there is cars...) or TORCS...
  9. This is without omapdss for the rendering. I have some work to make it run (dpad and ABXY button are not detected without hack, but I should have a diff for that somewhere), but it may add the few missing fps to make it perfect. I did finish first on my test run, so it's getting good anyway
  10. Yeah I know, I clicked "Submit Reply" too fast, it's not finished uploading yet... (still 15min or something)
  11. So I compiled a fresh and vanilla version of Dosbox, using (mostly) @Wally's parameters. And here is screamer running on the Pandora (Low res mode, default everything for Dosbox, not ompadss accelerated).   screamer_pandora.mp4 It is running quite well on the Pandora in fact. I need to had a few hack, to make DPad working with ompadss, plus I have a crash everytime I quit dosbox, but it seems it handled DOS4GW games much better then what I remember.
  12. Diablo 2

    Thanks again for the details. Very informative again. Finding the call convention looks like the most manual (and time consuming) task of the process now, isn't it (other part seems fairly automated now)?
  13. A possible PND-system replacement

    In the PND world, there is many good reason to have always the same name for the launch script, it's not laziness, it's reusability of code. It's not the same for DBP, fine. One more things to adapt (not the biggest challenge anyway). I'll probably have to create a small dbp to be able to discuss all this better.
  14. Port Requests

    Look nice. it's 800x600 but that will hopefully not be an issue.   On another note: Endless Sky is an OPenGL 3.x core game. So conversion will be difficult (I still think it is doable, but all shaders have to be rewritten).