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  1. My only hangups is with audio other wise it's fully playable, The Linux version of Unreal Tournament used OSS, I can't seem to get a working OSS to Alsa or pulseaudio setup through exagear. 
  2. Shut it, You know I showed it in a prior video...
  3. The nub is not working .

    Have you checked the Nub configuration tool and checked if it's set to something other than mouse mode?
  4. not much of a joke.... I also can't remember things day from day let alone what someone else wrote.
  5. Port Requests

    No I mean 6...
  6. Port Requests

    There are equivalent tools on GIMP or does it behave just slightly different enough to bug you? honestly never used photoshop newer than version 6, just been used to GIMP over the years. 
  7. The video I posted just a few posts ago shows off carmageddon... 
  8. Port Requests

    depends on what version, I used to use Photoshop version 4 on my 486 back in the day. What features do you need that can't be done with GIMP?
  9. I believe I have the DOS version of Fallout at home, I can make a video, but I won't be home until Sunday.
  10. Also This Video I made a few months ago was using a prior compile of Wally's DOSBOX port.
  11. DBPUtils Script

    I doubt it; softfloat vs hardfloat and other library dependencies will hinder functionality. I guess It could make some of the packaging steps easier for people that made PNDs...
  12. generally It's just a matter of installing steam on x86 debian repository on the OMAP5. I'm on a new install of exagear, so I just need to re-install steam among other things. 
  13. That only has a Windows version, so DOSBOX wouldn't work. I tried it with Exagear + WINE and ran into some issues if I recall it may have been the CD Security causing it to fail to launch even with the official CD in a USB drive... I can try getting Steam working again on my devboard and try that version. 
  14. Diablo 2

    captured a crash in the PND out file... this was a level 20 character in episode 2.   d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40FF0C4C (no sym) d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40E1D604 (no sym) d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40FF0A5C (no sym) d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40E1D604 (no sym) d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40FF0A5C (no sym) d2common.asm:167162: unresolved_call 40FF0C4C (no sym) trace:seh:raise_exception code=c0000005 flags=0 addr=0x4103d4f8 pc=4103d4f8 tid=0026 trace:seh:raise_exception  info[0]=00000000 trace:seh:raise_exception  info[1]=6ebfeae4 trace:seh:raise_exception  r0=4344007c r1=412365a4 r2=00000001 r3=413beae4 r4=4344007c r5=00000001 trace:seh:raise_exception  r6=45163700 r7=412365a4 r8=00000000 r9=45163700 r10=4344007c fp=43cb0004 trace:seh:raise_exception  ip=00006688 sp=415cf410 lr=cb610000 pc=4103d4f8 cpsr=60000010 trace:seh:call_stack_handlers calling handler at 0x4048a818 code=c0000005 flags=0 wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x6ebfeae4 at address 0x4103d4f8 (thread 0026), starting debugger... trace:seh:start_debugger Starting debugger "winedbg --auto 37 1372" trace:seh:call_stack_handlers handler at 0x4048a818 returned 1 err:seh:segv_handler Got unexpected trap 0 Terminated