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  1. Thank you so much.   I forgot about that, as I just reflashed my Pandora.
  2. I tried ntfs, my pandora shows me an error once inserted.
  3. I am at a loss. I have been having terrible SD card troubles lately.   I received updates for Windows 7 that rendered my computer unable to read SD cards.   For all capacities. I tried reinstalling the driver, undoing the updates, etc.   But to no avail.   My terrible Ubuntu laptop is the only device I have that can read them all.   I recently bought a PNY 32 and 64 GB SD card, but the Open Pandora has really strange behavior.   Folders will dissappear, and programs (pnds) will randomly close with some error message mentioning a FAT FS problem.   Weirder still, is that I formatted them to EXT3 after my Windows Fiasco, so really? A FAT-FS error?     What do you Pandora enthusiasts/experts use to format your SD cards? (I used gparted.)   What fs should I used for 32 and 64 gb?
  4. Whoa, this is crazy.   It's all Greek to me.
  5. Jan 16, 2017   Yup. Just in the event of multiple crippling delays.
  6. I used top, but there seemed to be no processes going crazy.   It was as if the NAND was acting like a really old slow hdd.
  7. Oh, I ctrl + c 'd the terminal, and a message popped up saying "All operations have been finished."   So I guess it went well, but I'll re-run it just to be sure.   EDIT: Rebooted with more text showing than normally in the boot logs, but seemed ok.   EDIT: NOPE! System is excruciatingly slow. Gonna have to do a whole flash.
  8. I update my Pandora from SuperZaxxon 1.54 to 1.61 using the built-in updater. The terminal is just sitting at "Collected Errors:" with a bunch of errors collected underneath.   Is it safe to kill the process now?   Is the updating program done, or still working?   It has been here for over an hour now.
  9. I am writing an essay over software piracy for a class, and I have received permission to use interviews received through emails or forums.   I would use your user name to quote you, and it would be a simpl block quote in my essay.   All you have to answer is:   Do you impliment anti-piracy measures in your applications?   Do they seem to be effective?       It can be as concise as a few words.     Thank you for your time in advance.
  10. Happy Easter - Have a Pandora! :)

    50 EUR is 70 USD
  11. Quick video of the case

    my page refreshing has paid off.
  12. Tiny Pyra News

    And when I leave my keyboard I have the website on my mobile phone.
  13. Tiny Pyra News

    I compulsively check the forums.
  14. How many icons fit on desktop?

    lmfao, didn't expect that many icons. xD
  15. 出售1Ghz OpenPandora 完美的条件

    How did you put the protective cover on the pandora? 你是怎么把保护盖的潘多拉?