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  1. Hi guys, I have been reading alot of ebooks on the pandora using Moonreader in android but I was wondering if there is an ereader for Pandora that has the "page flip" animation. If not is there one that could be ported? I know its petty but I really like the page flip animation, make me feel nostalgic  
  2. Kodi (a.k.a XBMC)

    This Kodi is awesome! My boy set it up with TV/addons and man it streams local tv, live sports, internet radio , tv , movies and works very well even on my 1G pandora with no overclock and internal wifi (although a wifi stick does help). I know people are waiting for the Pyra but still the good old Pandora is just a fantastic device.  
  3. ZEsarUX

    I actually just downloaded this emulator a week ago just for the text adventures, it has alot!
  4. GP2X GP32 Repositories

    I found a way around the battery problem and still use my Wiz(s) to this day but  some people gave me a hard time saying that it was a dangerous solution and I don't want any trouble so whatever... I do have 2 screens out of the 5 that had screen rot but im sure they got water in them as well...  
  5. Out of Order

    Nice, looking forward to this as I've been in an adventure game mood...
  6. text adventure recommendtions

    I'm more of a story oriented person but I do like straight forward , clever puzzles. i don't like getting stuck and having to cheat.
  7. text adventure recommendtions

    Yep gargoyle works and its windowed so its easy to switch back and forth with xournal( 1/2' graph paper background) for mapping, I'm playing Spider and Web, thanks Striku.. 
  8. text adventure recommendtions

    Wow I guess there is a couple of apps called text fiction and twisty for android that are z-interpreters that allow the playing of classic and new Text adventures, I'll have to try this on the Pandora. Does anyone know if there is a portable version of a z-interpreter that might work on native Pandora OS ?  
  9. REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    I may have to do that  
  10. REICAST - Dreamcast Emulator

    Im not sure what changes have been made with the newer versions of Reicast as Capcom vs Snk 2 still glitches sprites and Headhunter still crashes after the intro...
  11. text adventure recommendtions

    Well I have started another one for the c64 called Corya the Warrior Sage so far so good, this one you have some magic spells which kind makes this more interesting although I am stuck already where someone is more murmuring under a burnt down hut but when I try to save them the roof collapses on me...  
  12. text adventure recommendtions

    and pirates cove on the Vic 20, I'll check it out  
  13. text adventure recommendtions

    As for that I quess Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is supposed to be good, but I havent tried it.
  14. text adventure recommendtions

    ha , the lurking horror I just started a couple of days ago, So far I really like it and have not got stuck yet.. also by using Xournal and a graph paper back ground its easy to map the games as well all on the Pandy  I download a ton of games on the zx spectrum to try out as well, I'll post my opinion as I try new games  
  15. Hi guys, I'm trying to find some absorbing text adventures but hopefully not too hard either.Feel free to discuss your own favorite text adventures and experiences..