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  1. Yes, I know this is quite am ambitious proposal. I'm no real programmer and  I've never owned a Pandora, much less seen one in person. But with performance being more than doubled, and emulation of an i286 being more than doable on a Pandora, couldn't we have the Pyra hypothetically run Windows XP? It might even support Bluetooth and Wifi.
  2. Well, I would like to see some kind of a do-it-all computer in the future that had one... I don't see it really being useful on the Pyra, however.
  3. Thoughts on wireless hardware

    I for one would totally use an IR transceiver. I have a PDA from 2001, and some other cool gear that uses it. It's a must for robot control, seeing as how using IR at the slave end only really needs 1 pin if you're only receiving. 
  4. Docking port

    I think IR would be good too. For me, even if it ain't x86, pure versatility would be the selling point. I want a durable machine I can use for Skype over 4G, play modern games on, use for controlling robots (something the OP was rarely, if ever, used for, due to it having only 2 UART ports, or the lack of it being stressed).   It would be even better if some of said docking port's pins could be used for GPIO... Blinky light program, anyone?
  5. Finding a proper name and logo :)

    Open Andora   Tried to squeeze an Android reference in... Now looks like Open Pandora with the P chopped off.
  6. Now looking at the now outdated Z-60's specs... I imagine you could really grab some x86 linux gamers (because TF2, Gmod and Minecraft do run on Linux) as I used to game with a 1st gen A8 APU computer with just the internal GFX and got really nice frames... I'd pay $800 if I could get 4-6GB of RAM and at least 64 GB of storage, as well as 3G and a camera facing out.
  7. 720p? 1080p? 1440p?

    Having a GPU drive that at full res with games would be... well, futile. Unless we have a discrete GPU.
  8. How about "Open Pandora Resurrection Edition" after all, we could drastically improve hardware inside the thing.
  9. don't click this link

    I clicked. oshi-
  10. I'm thread viewer # 5554, which most likely makes you number 5555! WOOO! This is some thread.   How about   the 
  11. You had me thinking "yes" when you mentioned 1 being SDIO. The more SDIO, the more we can sell it to those looking for high-grade robot control in a PDA that they can do all their gaming AND work on. AKA more versatility, which you can never have enough of.   And 21 Mbps? That's faster than my home internet, which is, at peak, 13 Mbps, but is normally around 2.
  12. Well... I have a Samsung Brightside which I got with a contract. It was later reviewed as one of the top 5 worst phones of the year. I'm sure you really can't go wrong with a phone like that.
  13. Original Gameboy + extras!

    Hello all, I have decided to part with my original gameboy with charger, , case, and definitely 3rd part light addon. I have a bunch of pictures here: (In case adding them to this post doens't work out properly at first)   I'm not really naming prices, just toss some offers. Trades are also acceptable. While I would prefer cash, I would gladly trade for some other vintage tech.                                           Yes, the paint is somewhat worn out on the charger. I would state my estimated value, but, having to play salesman, I won't name it for it may be too low/high. Item is based in Illinois. Shipping is assumed to be excluded from price offered, final details to be settled via PM. Trades acceptable.      There are MORE IMAGES if you visit here: http://imgur.com/a/9S2fp
  14. dedicated USB OTG mouses (check for interest..)

    Perhaps some member here ought to buy a batch and sell them. It probably wouldn't turn much profit.
  15. I'm building a new PC soon, but I'm using AMD graphics since they're better value... So pretty much I like the Shield, but I ain't buying. I will definitely buy the Switchblade when/if they offer it, regardless of stats. it's like the OP, but for Windows fans.