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  1. SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    To be honest I never really understood why the XBOX 360 had a separate HD-DVD player and not have it built in.   Yup, that PS4 news is the next big thing online for them and some of us. All the bloody tittles will be available!! What a library that will be!!
  2. SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    BTW..I just read that the PS4's Playstation Now service will be streaming it's entire library of PS1,PS2 and PS3 games!!       @FZERO....I sold mine[XBOX 360] a few years ago but I still see many of them on ebay of course.
  3. SONY PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    Anyone remember Sony BETA MAX?   Didn't Microsoft have a HD DVD player that connected to the XBOX 360? That was Microsoft's version of Beta Max I reckon because it failed miserably.   I do not know how successful Blue Ray is now? It appears to be the standard where I am from.     Perhaps large physical consoles will be a thing of the past within 10 years. Maybe everything will be cloud based loaded on to a 4K/3D  PCTV.
  4. FS: 1Ghz Pandora in mint condition w 64GB SD

    pm'd you.
  5. (Bad)Joke Appreciation Corner

    The blonde girl was so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone.   How does a hair dresser make phone calls?..He cuts them short.     How does SATAN answer the telephone?   HELL OH ?
  6. Would this make a good wallpaper?

  7. FS: 1Ghz Pandora in mint condition w 64GB SD

    I am interested.
  8. I do not understand the attraction.

    We know where you live and are coming to your abode now to place you under arrest. All water supply has been cut off so forget about using your water closet to flush it all.
  9. I do not understand the attraction.

    ok ok..I get the point. That is what I deserve for such a over dramatic, foolish, sentimental post. AHH regrets.
  10. I do not understand the attraction.

    I am assuming that is a sarcastic question. The Pandora is an inanimate electronic object. It is my feelings I do not quite grasp but perhaps that is beyond your scope. I will buy a Pyra.
  11. I do not understand the attraction.

    This is not a troll thread but rather something I cannot grasp inside my cerebral sulcus. Perhaps another of my rants.   Well here it goes:   I was not in this forum for a few months mainly due to the fact that I did not have a Pandora anymore.I sold mine .So  I said farewell and that was that or so I thought. I can tell you that there was not a day that went by that I did not miss the Pandora. I milled it over in my brain wether or not I wanted to purchase another one realizing the nuances that come along with the device. I attempted to preoccupy myself with other devices that I have [and I have many] but I still yearned for another. I even own a XBMC 1TB Xbox with thousands of games on it but it is not the same  as emulation on the Pandora. Something meaningful is lacking for me.. Even my friend and I whilst working on a Hyperspin 3.0 console,I realized for me it was not heartfelt as it was with the Pandora.I sold my portion of the investment to him.He was flabbergasted to say the least. I sold my NVIDIA SHIELD because it left me cold. Unbelievable that this happens. So I took the plunge and ordered another Pandora which I received a week ago. Since I have had it , I have practically ignored my XBOX XBMC, PS4,XBOX ONE,WII U , PS VITA,3DS XL,Nexus 7 and hacked to the hilt PSP GO. [No I am not selling them].   I do not and can not completely grasp why I love this device so and what attraction is has had over me. This boggles my mind. I am at peace when I tinker with this device and time just soars by. Then I realize I have no time left for my other consoles.   Not the you all are interested in my marital affairs but I just had an argument with my wife because I want to buy another 'back up unit' just in case something might happen to this one. Wether it would be my fault[drop], or a hardware malfunction[crack,LCD, etc.] I want a spare. My wife vehemently stated that " if it can fail that easily then why would you want another?" I said "you just do not understand how involved I am with this machine and how having another one would ease my trepidations of it malfunctioning". Which of course may or may not happen prematurely. Nothing lasts forever especially in the electronic arena.   In my life I have never had a connection with a device as I do with the Pandora and G.D be my witness I do not understand this attraction.    Maybe you all do?
  12. Is more better??

    As many of you know there are gaming emulators that can contain hundred's if not thousand's of games.    I wonder how many of you that play games on your Pandora, fill your emulators to the maximal capacity [or close to it] just to have bragging rights or perhaps the mentation that more is better? Maybe it is a 'power trip' that you can hold a gizmo such as the Pandora in your hand that contains all of those games, even if you don't or never have played 90 percent of them. A complete library in your pocket,satchel or purse.   Or perhaps do you specifically seek the games you really cherish for any given gaming emulator? In other words, just because a gaming emulator can contain 1,000 of roms, would you rather have say 50 you really enjoy and negate the others?    Maybe for you it is a trial and error discovery. Perhaps you might download all available games but then as you go down the 'rom list' you delete the games that are distasteful after a brief go at it?? Is it trial and error or selective choice?     I for one take the quality vs. quantity perspective. I am selective of what I feed the Pandy  so I realize my rom sets will never be complete.   I am not debating that one preference is better than the other so please do not take this as an argumentative post...unless you fancy so ..I hope not.  
  13. NES Nintendo World Chamionship cart on ebay

    Should of typed {{{{{shaking hands}}}}}
  14. NES Nintendo World Chamionship cart on ebay

    I for one would never buy anything of that cost without seeing in front of me and holding it in my sweaty hands.
  15. Been loosely following Pandora for a long time

    The thing is addicting and I cannot figure out why.