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  1. Catacomb

    the makefile is mainly used for gcc as that what i use for linux or windows builds. I have no idea what or if any can be used for mac builds. Your best option to find a example how to compile a simple SDL app, from there is should be simple to extend it to this program.   All those errors are complaining about the variables in the makefile, maybe your make for mac does something different?
  2. Catacomb

      Ha, i was just about to post if you saw the reason for the thread in the first place ;-) Id be shocked if it didnt work on mac, you might have to make a choice on the opengl version i.e 1.X or 2.0
  3. Catacomb

      Hmm, maybe theres something different with the demo sounds.cat from the full version. Cause keep in mind the source is for the full version. ID usually built demos slightly different with a macro define, but i dont recall seeing one when i was in the source.   I also didnt try building in msdos as my goal was to have a modern compilation.
  4. Gameboy Final Fantasy Legend I, II, III for trade

    well i do have all the original docs when I refound them with my originals, which im planning to keep. so what i have here were cart only copies i bought. Still interested?
  5. Ive got extra copies of these which im interesting in parting with. I will entertain any offers of something of equal value (ive based the price on the average retail price for a used copy). Im mainly interested in game related things though. Cash might be an option too but im not setup to receive electronic payment so keep that in mind. Contents are good as ive used these specific copies with my retrode and verified contents through md5 sum calculations.   FFL1 : $8 FFL2 : $15 FFL3 : $9   Total $32   Note: I will put up the proof of ownership picture later.
  6. GP2X F300

    is the the vocamaster version used for teaching english? Id be surprised anyone had it since my impression was that it sold only in South Korea (not Europe or Americas)
  7. Pyra Developers.

    I plan to port/create and generally work on things I like to use, but thats when pyra is around and I can somehow afford one.
  8. Exult Ultima 7

    Working ok for you?
  9. Exult Ultima 7

    I updated the pnd to svn revision 7521
  10. glshim

    dosbox at the lowest level just uses opengl to render the internal frame buffer to the screen. Your likely to lose performance during the conversion to a opengl texture for every frame. Edit: the best option for dosbox is to use Notaz's SDL which can hw scale the screen for free. I use this option personally but i dont think i published it since it wasnt totally user friendly.
  11. Linux suggestions?

    i would recommend opensuse and recommend you try distros that provide a live cd. That way you can try without actually installing anything.
  12.   It will probably be easy for you to install linux in a virtual environment like virtual box or vmware player.
  13.   You would think you would have said Sony was ;-)   Apple would not be the greatest ever in my mind. Before the iphone they were a niche brand bought but diehards. The only time I ever used an apple product was in school. I think your statement is only based on recent history with their success of the iphone, before that they were meh.   What about Ford and the creation of the assembly line which allowed Ford to sell their vehicles at a significant price reduction? This brought automobiles to the masses. As for tech companies what about GE, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel? I think there are other very successful companies that arnt in spotlight, take Comcast for example.   I would also consider companies / hospitals that have contributed to a massive life expectancy increase in the last 100 years.
  14. vgmplayer

    If theres something worth including in mainline Im open to changes.   I thought I had the remembering last used option...
  15. Catacomb

    This a project ive been working on since the source code for Catacomb was released by Flat Rock Software.     The first catacomb engine was written in pascal and the second was in C code. At the time i assumed both were pascal and i went through and converted the pascal to c code myself :-). Then I saw Catacomb 2 was also C code. My port was too far off, needless to say adding the difference 2 added was not too difficult. It was fun doing the conversion and learning somthing about pascal along the way.   The port is using SDL and OpenGL (all versions). The pandora version is using OpenGL 2.0 ES (it could also use 1.1 ES).   The program features a frontend able to detect and verify the key data files. The program dumps the graphics and sound to modern formats BMP and WAV, you can find them in the cache folder after running one time. Both CGA and EGA modes are supported and can be switched during runtime. This would allow someone to create a full 32 bit graphic replacement of the originals.   Get the PND or get it straight from the Repo through PNDManager   the original code was released under GPLv2 and ive carried that over to any files I created during the port. Some helper files like md5 or unlzexe have their original licenses. My eglport retains the MIT license.   The project can be found on sourceforge     To Use: copy the original data files in a folder and place in the appdata location 'opencatacomb' keep catacomb 1 (1989) and catacomb 2 in separate folders. the md5sums are based on the data files I bought from GOG.com. If anyone has something different let me know and I can add them to the md5 list.     Note: more plaforms are to come i.e gcw, wiz, caanoo