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  1. Were there ever violent Game Boy games?

    Super Mario Land. Heck, you run around setting animals on fire and jump on them until they die. I'd call that very violent. It even got suicide bombing turtles who blow themselves up with their last gasping breath in an attempt to get Mario.
  2. Macromedia Shockwave

    Oooh, I'll be darned. They actually work. Thank you both! *off to play odd bootleg chinese games from 2001*
  3. I'm in a bit of a pickle and wanted to see if anyone knows how to straighten it out (or whatever you do with pickles).   I found an old game CD with a bunch of old Macromedia Shockwave games. When trying to start the games up, I get the error message "Couldn't find Shockwave 8.5, click yes to go to a download page". I get sent to Adobe's homepage and they tell me to download and install Shockwave 12. Which I already got installed, by the way. Reinstall, restart, retry, same fault. Do anyone know how to play those good old macromedia games? After all, they're one of the best pasts of the late 90s, early 00s =D   I'm on Windows 7, by the way.
  4. Who's into Racing Games?

    I really miss the game "Slicks'n'Slide" I wonder if it's playable on the pandora.
  5. Who's into Racing Games?

    When I think racing, I think only of three games. Outrun, Super Hang-On and Need for Speed. In the 80s I first bumped into the sit-down version of Outrun and my parents had to tear me out of the shopping mall every time we went there. I spent my whole allowance every time I went there. Then came my Sega Megadrive, and I got hold of Super Hang-On. Which I never got good at, but I played it a lot. Need for Speed. What can I say? The first realistic, fully 3D game I played. Sure, I had played Destruction Derby before that, however it was nothing like the thrill of going down a fast road in Need for Speed.   Of course, games like "Test Drive: Unlimited" are awesome too, but not Pandora Friendly =P
  6. Pandora Crude Bench - Benchmark your Pandora

    Giga Pandora: 1954 (14, 74, 61), cpu=1000, sys=400 2113 (18, 74, 65), cpu=1200, sys=400   3D demo looks a bit strange though, the texture on the character in the end looks smeared on, and the specularity (I guess?) causes strange artifact-like effects depending on mipmap distance I think.   ... ... ... will it get C4A high-score compatibility? =D
  7. Port Request: C-Dogs (CyberDogs 2)

    Oooh, an old secret repo... which I always forget checking =P
  8. Here is a port request for a good old game known as C-Dogs nowadays, used to be called CyberDogs. It's a 2/3 top-down shooter. The deep and involved story is that you need to go to an enemy base, kill everything that moves and pick up items they presumably stole. A game that takes me back to my high school years where me and my friends spent long nights and lots of coffee playing Quake and KarroDogz (which was our very own hack of the game...where we replaced some text via an hex-editor and added our own sound effects... aah, good ol' days).   So, I'd be awesome if someone could port this to the Pandora, if you look at the archived version of the site you can get both the latest release and the source. And if you peek at the Wikipedia page, you can also see that it already have been ported to many, many different consoles (Nintendo DS, PSP, Dreamcast, etc) where you can get the perhaps slightly updated source codes too.  
  9. Cannonball - The Enhanced C++ Outrun Engine

    Now.. if it had C4A compatibility.... =D
  10. I finally got my Pandora. yaaaaay! To celibrate, is it possible to make Outrun happen? I want to remember I used to be quite a mean Outrun player =D
  11. Got the email. queue position 137

    154 and got my mail too =)
  12. Hardware modification: hold screen at an angle

      The issue was a legal one if I remember it right. Nintendo got the copyright on that sort of hinge on that sort of device, and thus royalties would have to be paid.
  13. Pandora Boards Regulars

    I lurk mostly, but come every day.
  14. I read an article in a Swedish magazine, so web article I gather is closest
  15. So where is Craig?

    I can't really blame him avoiding the boards. Everytime he said something it resulted in a flame war.