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  1. Enjoy this short video https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2tffmcea89vehl/dosboxtest.m4v?dl=0   Games demonstrated: Screamer  Fallout 2 w/ exagear Starwars Rebel Assault 2 Quake MDK Battle Arena Toshiden Death Rally NHL '96 Warcraft 2   Scaling isn't working yet on the hardware. We need a GPU driver to do this!    
  2. gp32x.com is going to shutdown

    EvilDragon is actually merging the GP32x forum here I hear!
  3. Join what has been split

    I don't think it's a good idea merging avatars that we previously had if you're merging user accounts lol    
  4. STARFORCE PI - Portable Tabletop Arcade

    Carrying that around would irk me but it looks OK.   
  5. Guys, If you want me to test something, at least give me something to work off.. Don't go aiming in the dark at games you aren't sure are DOS and PLEASE give me an archive.org link to a demo or a link to mobygames proving it is a DOS game.   I'm not doing all your dirty work.   In addition: If it runs on the Pandora already then there's really no point me checking it on the Pyraboard. I really don't want to to Terminal Velocity anymore.
  6. Join what has been split

    Sure let's do this!
  7. PanDebian Issues

    Maybe you should help us understand why you're trying to run PanDebian.
  8. 32c3 Talk. Need a bit of support

    You might want some examples of how the community involvement has helped evolve the Pandora and will span to the Pyra as you'll have the audience captured with some live demos, if possible!   Things like: 1) GLShim - Originated on pandora and is now used across ARM devices 2) DraStic - Tested and built on Pandora at no cost but sold on Google Play 3) Static Recompiled games like Diablo / Diablo 2 and Starcraft 4) Crazy amounts of ports by some people like Ptitseb, including a first of Jedi Knight II on the Pandora before most others got it on portable devices!   Perhaps some discussion about how the OS couldn't evolve any further due to lack of capacity on the NAND would go a long way too.
  9. Runescape is not a DOS game..   I may try Majesty and WRF..
  10. DBPUtils Script

    Yes of course
  11. Was hard playing and holding my oversized iPhone  but yes pretty much lol
  12. ARM Performance improvements likely.  SVN source is updated quite often.
  13. DBPUtils Script

    After discussing with other developers. I have decided to take a different approach to this and won't be releasing PND2DBP.
  14. More videos, unfortunately no sound yet (I'd rather not share with the world the sound of clattering keys). I will have my Elgato game capture device working at some point this weekend with sound.. hopefully if my Analogue audio method works. Demonstrated in order:   Crusader - No Regret Redneck Rampage Jedi Knight Dark Forces II   I did have a TIE Fighter video too but yeah it was pretty crappy.   Enjoy https://www.dropbox.com/s/qahc6veedm02gwd/moregames.m4v?dl=0