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  1. Touch panel issue

    The unit I received on Wednesday (shipped September 19th) is fine except relatively small region starting about 1 cm above left bottom corner and ending about 2 cm further, here the touchscreen appears slightly decalibrated: I touch the left edge of the screen and the cursor shows about 0.5 cm right of it. Repeated calibration doesn't help. The rest of the touchscreen appear perfectly fine, I wouldn't even notice this if I weren't looking for touchscreen issues.
  2. Trying to find a fair solution

    When the survey came I originally chose the 150 EUR option, I believe, but since then I got bit cash and seeing the situation is as shitty as it is, I was already planning on changing to the original 271 EUR option. So yeah, when it's available I will take the 300 EUR upgrade.
  3. Classic Pandoras available

    Any info on this? I'm also still waiting for my 2008 batch1 preorder and wouldn't mind getting one of these.
  4. 3 Year Anniversary

    What a sad anniversary And it doesn't look like I will get my Pandora any time soon. This whole last year of waiting was truly very sad and frustrating. I just hope that we won't make it to the 4 year anniversary...
  5. Wishlist for Pandora

    An actual Pandora in my hands. That is all.
  6. Absurdism corner

  7. Absurdism corner

  8. Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    Well, considering that I'm still waiting for my batch 1 pre-order and may therefore end up with one of the last CC boards just before the new start rolling out, I don't really feel happy with these talks about upgraded boards. Though I guess it's inevitable, no use producing out-dated product while you can make better for the same prize. Assuming the premium prize is going to become the regular prize, I'm at least gonna get my Pandora cheaper. If there's going to be an option to upgrade my pre-order to the new board for a reasonable fee I may be interested. Also while ago IIRC there was some talk about selling boards, that for some reasons (keyboard and buttons contacts, charge circuit, idk..) can't be used in Pandora but still work otherwise. I may be interested in that as well.
  9. Absurdism corner

  10. WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    Thanks for the fast reassurance.
  11. WiFi, tests and CircuitCo (2011-06-17)

    Fully understandable steps and I wish you luck with new company and dealing with CC, but I'm getting really worried about my Pandora. I order back in Oct 2008 and I'm still waiting, will my Pandora come from those batch 1 boards that CC has yet to deliver or has been my order pushed back to batch 2 thanks to premium orders? Am I going to wait another Two MonthsTM till you find new company? It's very unfortunate situation as it's clear to me that you're doing what needs to be done to make this all happen and yet I just can't help but get more and more frustrated with all this.
  12. Your pandora has been shipped

    Also ordered on October 3rd 2008, re-paid in January 2009. No shipping confirmation or anything either.
  13. Best Western RPGs?

    For me a Fallout has a special place. I got it on a disc that was included in a local gaming magazine and the magazine crew actually translated the whole game in Czech, without that I would not have enjoyed the game that much, because back then my understanding of English was very, very basic. As the guys were gamers and actual fans of the game, the translation was faithful and very well done. IIRC they also did it in just one week and it was much better than some professional translation of current games. Not counting Diablo 2, Fallout was my intro into RPG genre I think.. KOTOR was excellent RPG and for me the best Star Wars game made. I also quite enjoyed Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, though I haven't finished that, as I got stuck somewhere I believe. Now I can't find the disc and it's not on GOG or steam either...
  14. Custom TV-out cable

    I just realized today that my Nokia 5800 came with one of those 3.5 mm Nokia TV-out cables. I never had a use for it on a phone, so I forgot about it. It would actually be great if you could make cable with a female 3.5 mm jack compatible with that cable, it can be somewhat short as the cable is long enough.
  15. Are you in Love with your Pandora?

    I can't really love my Pandora, when it hasn't been made yet, can I?