• Welcome to the official website of the DragonBox Pyra.

    The Pyra will be a perfect pocket device for everyday computing, gaming, emulation or hacking.
    It is a unique combination of a gaming handheld and a mini-laptop (approximately the size of the Nintendo DS), running plain Debian Linux as OS.

    It is the successor of the OpenPandora, which was available from DragonBox Shop or ithic.com in USA (more distributors planned) from stock.The development of the Pyra is almost finished - thanks to a lot of feedback and help from community members, we created a product that features almost everything you can imagine.

    Unlike most commercial devices out there, all steps in development and production were and will be posted in the blog and you can even ask questions directly to us developers!

  • Gaming, Internet, Working

    Like the Pandora, the Pyra will be optimized for both gaming and desktop usage.

    Gaming controls (digital and analog), a full keyboard, an accurate high-resolution touchscreen will both serve you well for web browsing, gaming, server administration, coding or office work.

    Emulate all the consoles from your childhood without sacrificing on the controls or enjoy native games, written or ported by Pyra community members.

    Want to run the normal desktop FireFox and full office suites like LibreOffice? That's possible as well.

  • As open as possible

    The Pyra is not just another Android-Gaming device. Thanks to GNU/Linux, it's also a full blown desktop PC.

    Nothing is locked down, you are free to use any desktop / window manager you like - or install your favourite ARM distribution or even Android.

    The QWERTY keyboard on Pyra lets you do your daily computing tasks on the go.

    The Pyra helps you to keep your privacy. No forced registrations or hidden tracking stuff.

  • Active Community

    One of the most important part is the community - a small company could NEVER provide the manpower for all the software you could possibly need.

    Thanks to the whole Linux community, you've got a huge amount of software readily available.

    Additionally, we have a very active and friendly community.

    On our forums right on this website, you have direct contact to the team behind the Pyra, the developers of applications you are using, and other experienced members who can help with your queries.

    We will also have an updated Pyra software repository (based on the OpenPandora repository) for optimized and huge games and stuff you won't find in the debian ARM repos.