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Hi folks,

after searching for Freeciv, if found nothing but these Versions with an gtk2-client.

So i decided to give the SDL-Client a chance.

For now the PND can be found HERE.(sha1sum)

(Soon i will upload this to

Further informations:

- Version: 2.3.1

- Language: English (Can be changed live maybe - not tried jet)

- includes:

- SDL - client

- standalone (console) server

- modpack downloader / setup (Freesounds are already installed)

- Manual (lacks some quality. Uses freeciv-manual - progam to create manual-html pages from the ruleset. I've written a script wich crawls for all rulesets an build an manual for each. They are shown with links - thats quite ugly. I would appreciate some tips and maybe an actual tutorial /users guide for freeciv (html ?))

- Porting Problems:

Something wasn't (better isn't) ok with the Characterconversion UTF8 <-> Unicode in the context of SDL.

For me (what i tested) i can exclude direct problems in SDL_ttf, freetype and iconv().

There must be a bug somewhere else in the deepest abyss of SDL/system.

I did not solve the problem. I just did some workaround jobs, to be concrete i just avoided to encode/decode anything to/from Unicode,

so there may be still some string/character artifacts.

In advance: thank you for testing this port of FreeCiv.

[update 2]:

- bug fixed:

- in some windows new lines were not printed - fixed

-> german version of this topic


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My compile should have both SDL or GTK, or i did not release the SDL because of the font problem.

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I tried it briefly. I'm not very familiar with the SDL client, but I couldn't see how to change the number of (AI) players or game settings. Also, the nation picker dialog seems glitchy; choosing Assyrian crashes the game, and choosing ones towards the bottom selects ones at the top.

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